Tuesday, September 7, 2010


To be honest, I really don't know much about Etsy.  I don't really understand how to promote my shop within this site, how to get noticed, how to participate, how do do anything other than post my stuff for sale.  Learning Etsy, I mean really learning Etsy has been on my to-do list for ages.  I really hate that I haven't had the time to figure it out yet considering that I have two shops there and have been selling there for about 2 years now.
All that said, this week I've been chosen to be featured in 2 different treasuries!  I'm very excited about this.   One thing I do know, is that someone took the time to pick out these items to group together.  I have no clue how they get it up online, but I do know that it isn't automatic.  That is why I'm honored.  Anytime someone takes time out of there busy day for me... I'm honored.
The first was one, Pop Goes South Florida was created by my friend Hollie of Blueberry Shoes.  She is pretty much a household name to anyone who enjoys indie crafts here in south Florida.  Not only is she a fabulous artist, she is active in everything and totally supportive of everyone around her.  A real breath of fresh air.
See.... there is my little brown pinwheel clip at the bottom.  And just a little tid-bit of info for ya, if you are planning to go to StitchRock, get there early because the first 100 people through the door will get a grab bag full of goodies and you may just find one of those little clips inside ;)
The second treasury, I have no idea who she is! (I assume that she is a 'she')  So, I'm super flattered. The Treasury is called Not all Monsters are SCARY and it was put together by a jewelry artist from Maryland.
Seeing the amazing work that my little blue guy at the bottom is surrounded by, lets me know that I really need to step up my game.  I'm totally just starting out at this plush business and I can see room for improvement.  I've got ideas... just wait.

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