Saturday, July 14, 2012

Skelley Baby cut 'n sew skeleton doll project available on Spoonflower - How to complete in 7 simple steps

I'm excited to show you my latest project... SKELLEY BABY!
Skelley Baby is a Cut 'n Sew panel available at Spoonflower.  He (or She) is a great, simple project for anyone with a moderate amount of sewing knowledge.
You don't have to be an expert, just the basics.
When he is finished, he is about 12" tall.  When you order, if you order a fat quarter, you'll be able to make one Skelley, but if you order a full yard, you'll have enough for 4 Skelleys!

Step #1 Cut out Skelley Baby pieces on the dotted line

Step #2 Line up Front and Back pieces with the wrong side facing out (this means that you sandwich the pretty sides together on the inside) 
Step #3 Pin together and Sew along the black edge, all the way around leaving about 2" open at his sides for turning
(I know it is super difficult to sew exactly ON a line, so just to be safe, sew slightly inside the black)

Step #4 Clip very close to the stitches at the base of the neck, armpits and between his legs (careful not to clip your stitches!)
Step #5 Turn right sides out (I like to use a crochet hook to poke out the small parts but most people use a chopstick)

Step #6 Stuff him
Step #7 Stitch his hole closed
Now go brag to your friends! or share your Skelley on my facebook page.
Here is where to order your Skelley Baby Cut n' Sew panel

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