Saturday, May 19, 2012

There are times when I just can't seem to get started. Then, there are times when I just can't stop. I am pretty sure this is a common quality trait in creatives. Last week for mother's day, I helped a friend host a make'n take craft afternoon for fathers and their school age kids to make something for their moms. It was great fun and we raised our goal amount for charity. In the weeks preceding this event, I'd been having a sort of creative block. I've got a basket full of partially completed softies in every room of the house and none have received any attention from me. At the event, I started painting a frame only intending to do the base-coat for one of the younger children so they would be able to concentrate on the fun part.
I became obsessed.
I couldn't stop.
I painted that one, another one, and then painted an entire table! Usually I hate painting! I've been feeling the same way about my house too. I keep wanting to re-arrange furniture, repair things, clean out closets. Almost like the "nesting" stage of pregnancy (*I am NOT pregnant*). If only I could focus that energy into sewing dolls and monsters. I really am behind on my inventory building goals.

If you are in south Florida, come see me Sunday for the Mayflower Craft Show at Undergrounds Coffeehaus

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