Tuesday, April 24, 2012

me, on the front page

I was flattered by this the other day (ok, so it was like a week and a half ago... but still!), I started getting texts and facebook messages saying things like "what a great picture!" and "wow, you are famous" then I finally figured it out.  There was a great write up about Odd Duck in the Community section of the Sun Sentinel and there was a big 'ole color picture of me right there on the front page! Well, front page of the community section, but I'm thrilled none the less.  We had talked to probably half a dozen reporters that day but I was still surprised to see such a prominent write up.  I have to give credit to my husband though because he knows everyone in town and just so happened to be friends with the photographer from the Sentinel.  I'm really shy with cameras so I tried to get him to just take pictures of my stuff instead but I'm kinda glad that no one listened to me, I think it is a pretty cool picture.  Check out the article here and picture credit goes to Eric Bojanowski.

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