Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Replacing an old treasure

Recently I had a request from a customer who found me on eBay to make a replica of the sock monkey from her childhood that her daughter has fallen in love with. I know exactly how this woman feels, replacing an old treasure is exactly how I got started making sock monkeys in the first place! She still has the old monkey and thankfully, it is still holding up just fine. She commissioned the replacement to save her daughter from future heartache just in case something happens.
Here is the vintage monkey
There are tell-tale differences between the old Rockford Red Heel socks and the current ones.  The old ones have a much wider white toe than the modern counterpart and they have a little twist at the corners of the heel that make the monkeys have a sort of joker-esque smile. 
Here is the monkey I made as a replacement.
As you can see, the shorter white area at the toe has made the modern monkey have a brown area around his eyes where the old one is white.  It also effects the hat where on the old monkey, almost the entire hat is white.  
Sock Monkey #44 replacement monkey
The brown face makes the eyelashes not stand out as much as they do on the white, but I paid careful attention to try and get them the same style stitches anyway.
Monkey 44
Doing this monkey just made me miss my old monkey from my childhood.  I kick myself that I never got any pictures of it.  I have so many memories of that worn out old thing. 

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