Sunday, March 18, 2012

Free Monkey Repairs

Kids are tough on toys.  Everyone knows that.  As much care and attention that I put into making these things, sometimes they just can't handle what the kids put them through.  I will gladly do free monkey repairs anytime.  I don't care if it has been years and years, I'll fix it. 
This monkey has been very well loved and had some tears along both arms, legs and tail.  Above picture is before, below picture is after.  Good as new.
Sadly, the face had more damage than I could repair completely.  This monkey's owner's grandma made an attempt at repairing before I was called in for help.  Grandma stitched an ear back on and put some glue or something to hold the eye back in place.  I was able to fix the "fixed" ear by taking the whole thing off and re-stuffing and re-stitching it back in place.  Unfortunately, glue is glue and it doesn't come out of fabrics so I couldn't do anything about the eye.  At this point, all that could be done about the eye would be an eyepatch.  This monkey told me that he could see perfectly fine and refused the eyepatch.  Here is the before-after for the ears.
 Below is the monkey's owner... so happy to have her baby back.
I'll even fix monkeys that I DIDN'T make, however, I'll have to charge you for that.  If you need a monkey repair, just email me

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