Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sad Sad Sue

Last night I sat down to sketch out some pattern ideas for a doll I had created in my head.  I envisioned her very happy, with a kitschy sort of face.  I sketched out the outline of the face with hair and then I had to stop and go put the baby down to sleep.  I came back from putting the baby down and found my happy-go-lucky little retro girl has turned into a sad sad little thing.
So, because of my four-year-old's imaginative and sneaky efforts, I went with it. 
This was a test run.  I have a friend who has a permanent booth at a farmer's market and she specializes in 100% recycled clothing.  She asked if I'd like to put some stuff up in her shop on consignment and although I have one or two aprons that I've made from recycling old shirts, I wanted to make something new.
well, new in the sense that it is new to my line.  Really, she is old in that it is made from old stuff.  Sad, Sad Sue was a success for the most part.  I have to re-adjust some of the shirt lines and the next one will be stuffed fuller, but I think she is gonna be a go.  She is made from the sleeves of the old t-shirts that I cut up last year to make the vendor bags for the Odd Duck Bazaar.  I made 100 totes so I have a LOT of sleeves!  Her innards are plastic shopping bags.
I think I'm gonna make her a boyfriend next.  I have been wanting to come up with a craft for little boys, this may just be the one.

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