Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Isomnia and design

Every now and then I have trouble sleeping. This annoys me to death. I am usually a great sleeper. Love that I can sleep anywhere, any time if given the opportunity. But, every now and then I get too excited to sleep. I've never slept the night before a new job, the first day of school (even my daughter's 1st day kept me up!) or big event. It can be pretty annoying because usually those big events require extra attention and alertness and lack of sleep isn't a help in that department. Besides big events, designing can keep me from my slumber as well. I may lay in bed for hours thinking up a new creature to make, project to build or dresses to sew.
Last night, instead of some much needed sleep, I started thinking of what I wanted to wear to my birthday party tonight. Then, from there I thought up the design fix for the doll I've been working on. Then planned a way to rearrange my sewing studio to allow for a permanent cutting station, then designed a dress to make to wear to my next craft show, then thought up sme new ways to display my merch at that show.
Now, here I am today, dead tired, without the energy to do any of those things that I wasted so many hours thinking up.
Ugh. Nap time!

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