Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Should I get a Vintage Suitcase? or two? or three?

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I've been thinking ahead to a small show I'm doing in a couple of weeks trying to get my head around my display so I won't be worrying at the last minute.  The show is small, it is in a children's salon and my space is a card table, what are they? 3'x3'?  I've never vended on a card table before.  I've had small spaces, but they were usually narrow, not square.  I'll be selling softies and I'm pretty sure that my usual metal rack thing-y will work just fine but I'm always drooling over vendors at shows that have those cute vintage suitcases for their display. 
So, I hit up some thrift stores thinking maybe I should get one. 
Side note, my grandma gave me an ENTIRE SET of HOT PINK perfect condition vintage hard suitcases a few years back and after one trip with my (heavy with no wheels) stylish luggage I sold them off piece by piece on eBay.  What was I thinking?!?!?
So, I'm in the thrift store and I find 2 different hard case American Tourister suitcases in this fun 70s sort of yellow.  I didn't buy either and now I'm wishing I had.  They weren't as cheap as I had expected hoped for and I also wasn't sure if I should buy the larger one or the smaller.  Now that I'm home and did a little online research, I think I'm gonna shoot back over in the morning and buy both. 
Kinda funny, but on Etsy they are pretty pricey, and eBay they are kinda cheap.  So, in theory, one could buy them up on eBay and sell them on Etsy.  Seems like too much work for me, but I am so in love with this round one that I may be starting my American Tourister collection real soon.

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