Monday, March 21, 2011

Label Stick - product review

In the interest of full transparency: I was given this product free for the purpose of trying it out to review on this blog, I was not paid for this review and do not get any payment from any sales of Lapel Stick.
Label Stick is a temporary non-toxic fabric adhesive.  After reading the packaging and materials that were shipped along with this product, I was a little skeptical.  I always am when things seem too good to be true.  This product claims that it will hold but won't stain, isn't toxic and will wash away completely.  I figured that at least one of those claims had to be exaggerated.  I was wrong.  It really worked just like it claimed it would!

I have been so busy lately with the planning of our 2nd annual Odd Duck Bazaar, and working on inventory for that, that I haven't really had much time to play around and check out this product.  It had been sitting on my shelf for weeks until I was packing up my sewing gear for the Swap-o-Rama-Rama last month, so I threw it in with my box of notions.  (If you don't know what a Swap-o-rama-rama is, check out this site, or read my post about last year's event)  When my very first "customer" came to me at the SORR with a polyester skirt that she wanted to cut out a panel and add a panel from another skirt, my instinct was to reach for pins, to hold the hem under while I sewed.  Instead, I figured this would be my chance to give the lapel stick a try.  I used it on the hem so even if their claim of non-staining wasn't completely true, I'd be ok because no one would see it on the underside.  The stick worked.  It held very well through all of my flipping things around and adjusting and everything.  I didn't just want a temporary fix, so I sewed the hem down and thankfully, it didn't gum up my machine, it just sewed right over as if nothing was there.  Even though initially I was concerned about staining, (the skirt was a bright teal) when I rolled the label stick on it, it was completely invisible.  I was instantly impressed.  It actually did what it promised and there are no odors or strange chemical smells to it either.
I am pretty upset that I don't have any pictures.  I actually made the girl whose skirt I was working on, take some pictures as I was using it but the memory card in my camera ended up getting corrupted so I lost all of my pictures from the entire event!
If you wanna see other people's pictures and comments and all from the event, you can check out their facebook page.
So in all... I would give this product an A+.  It worked exactly like it claims and it has now found a permanent home in my notions box.

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