Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quick and Easy Birthday Bunting Kid's Project

Both of my kids have Birthday's in July so we decorate the house with Birthday stuff for the whole month.  I thought I'd share a quick, easy & fun crafty project we did with the kids yesterday.
Construction Paper Bunting!
The banner reads "Happy Birthday to you".  I wanted to just do "Happy Birthday" but my daughter insisted that the "to you" was necessary.  Here is how we did it:
First we planned out how many triangles we would need.  I made the almost-5-year-old help me with this part because I try to squeeze lessons into regular day-to-day stuff.
We counted up the letters including the spacers.  To make the triangles, I folded a piece of construction paper in half and cut from the corner to the center on each.
I gave each child a triangle and a marker and assigned a letter.  We did this one at a time and ticked off the letters as we completed them.  I wrote the letters for the almost-2-year-old but he colored them in.  He ended up losing interest about half-way through, but that was ok, big sis was more than willing to color more letters.
Once all the letters were finished, I hung a long ribbon to each end of the curtain rod.  Starting in the center and working our way to the outsides, we taped each triangle onto the ribbon with masking tape.  (It may have been easier to tape them on first, then hanging it, but I'm not always in "in order" type of person)

If you can't tell from the picture, that is a HUGE window so if your windows aren't as big you can hang these from the wall or shorten your message.  This would be good fun to have a child do his/her own name and leave it up all year too.

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