Monday, May 26, 2014

I quit my job! (well, one of them anyway)

Last month, I quit my job.  For nine years I'd worked part-time from home for a ticket broker.  I didn't work many hours and didn't make a ton of money, but it was a small salary that I could depend on every week.  The money helped, but my whole reason for not having a full-time career is that I wanted to put my focus on my kids and making sure to raise them the best that I could.  I found myself often allowing too much TV time, and postponing or cancelling plans with them because some concierge needed assistance right away for some big-wig who needed to be on the front row. I felt like I was doing everything half-assed.  Kinda being a good mom, kinda making some money for the household, but not doing either of these things well.  I needed to either go get a career start and make enough to pay for more than just groceries or quit and be a good mom.
So I quit.
I'm loving this.
I've been attentive and the kids are loving it too.  We have been playing games together in the afternoons, cooking healthy meals and overall keeping the household much more organized!  Sure, it hurt on the budget end of things, but they will be grown up and outta here before we know it so I'm happy being broke for now.
One of the many perks to being unemployed, (or I guess I should say "under-employed" because I am still a partner in Odd Duck) is that I am now free to spend my free time doing things that I love rather than catching up on paperwork that didn't get done.  I've been focusing on making more dolls and challenging myself to new things.  I've already created a new doll design and thought up an exciting new dress project!  I'll share about the dress project in a future post because it is time to go enjoy time with my family.  Cheers!
"Corn Husk" dolls.  Made using techniques that the Native American's used to make dolls from corn husks but made from modern materials.  Recycled t-shirts and scraps!   

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