Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekly Dress Project - week 3 - Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 1802

Week 3 is complete and I'm even more inspired than I was on week 1. I am trilled with the result of this dress.

I have made a ton of things over the years and I think this may just be my best work ever. Typical me would have made this dress without the piping because piping is tedious work. You have to make sure everything lines up perfectly or else your lines come out squigly and on the finished product, it draws the eye right to your mistakes.
For the piping, the pattern gave an option of using regular packaged piping or making your own "flat" piping. It called for 4 packages of piping and I am a cheapskate, so I went with the DIY version. At the fabric store, I couldn't find a color combo that I liked so I decided that I would use the same dress fabric for the piping. This dress called for a 3 3/4 yards of fabric and 7/8 yards of lining with another 1 1/2 yard for the piping. Altogether, the fabric, thread and zipper (on sale and using a coupon) came out to $36.00.
As mentioned before... cheapskate over here! I pretty much choked about spending that much on the supplies for just one dress. The next day I had a girlfriend over and we were talking about dresses and what we were going to wear to the reunion and she showed me a dress online that she was considering for the event. After seeing the almost two hundred dollar price tag on her dress, I don't feel so bad about my less than forty dollar fabric expense. I went with a sateen in a soft avocado green. I purposefully looked for green because I realized the other day that I don't have any green in my wardrobe whatsoever and it would look great with the shoes I want to wear.
Before cutting I shortened the dress by 4" and changed my mind about using the dress fabric for the piping and ended up with a full two yards of fabric left over.
Hooray, enough for another (simpler) future dress!
I took my time with the piping. Measuring and pinning and in some places, basting carefully before putting in stitches and successfully completed ALL of the piping without having to pick out any stitches. I'm so proud of myself.
At the point where I attached the very top yolk piece on the bodice, I held it up to myself and realized that it was not going to fit right. The waist was going to sit way up higher than my actual waist so I cut out a new yolk piece but this time added one inch in length at the shoulder. Good thing I had all that extra fabric! I cut a new yolk piece for the back too but for the lining pieces, just added a 1" strip of fabric. This was a little tricky, but I went slow and measured out seam allowances and everything and it was a success. Making this adjustment made the armpit hole an inch larger too. This wasn't something I thought about when I did it, but it turned out to be a happy accident too because I can't stand to have things tight in my armpits and I don't think it looks like the arm holes are too big.
At this try-on stage I was super excited. Here I could tell that everything was going to fit right. It was hard to continue to go slow and precise because I was so excited about finally making a perfect fitting dress. I had changed my mind about the piping and used the fabric that I had purchased for the lining as piping instead and used the regular dress fabric as lining so this dress looks pretty sweet on the inside too.
For now, I'm just going to post this poor-lighting mannequin pic of the dress and later, I'll update with pictures from my reunion because finally this is the one.
Oh, and by the way... I found a similar, less detailed version of this dress on the designer's website for $395, so yeah, $36 for fabric isn't so bad.
Next week, Lissette Simplicity 1419 with Avengers fabric.

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