Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bed Fellows all around the house

I'm still trying to find my 'groove' with plush.  I am happy with the quality of my products but I think I still need lots of work on the little details involved in selling.  I don't have a label that I like nor do I have any ideas for how to improve.  I keep experimenting with photographing and although some of the more recent pictures have come out really good, I realized when I made the mini versions that if you had never seen them in real life, you would have no clue as to how big or small they really are.  So, I've been wandering around my house trying to find places to photograph them against backgrounds that would help get an idea of the size.
I have small children, therefore.... stained furniture, there are many places in my home that I just don't want anyone to see!  I managed to find a couple of spots, but I still don't think that it helps.  Any ideas?

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