Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blogs, blogs, ba blogs, blogs, blogs

I've actually become obsessed with reading blogs once I finally took the time to figure out what the heck RSS was all about.  Truthfully, I still don't "get it" but managed to figure out how to set it all up and now I can read blogs in a totally new way.  Before RSS, I would save interesting blogs to my web browser's favorites list and every now and again if I had some free time (ok, who am I kidding, I NEVER have free time... it would be when I was supposed to be doing something else but just wasn't) I would go clicking through my favorite's list.
The problem with this, would be sometimes I would have a blogs on that list that didn't update frequently, then others would update too frequently and I'd be lost.  So, for the most part, I wasn't really getting much out of reading blogs.
Then, I set up google reader and then realized that I could just click the little RSS symbol thingy in firefox's url address box and boom... done.
I love this set up!  Now, I get updated daily with the blogs I like that actually did post something new and I don't have to waste my time clicking through blogs that don't get updated very often.
Even cooler... I searched for a free iphone app and found Feeddler and I can now read blogs in bed.  My days of hiding under the covers with a flashlight and a book are over!
I know... sad, but that is what you have to do when you stay up too late sewing and your hubby is awesome and goes to bed early so that you can sleep in while he gets up and gets the kids breakfast.
But I started this whole long post basically just to say that two of my favorites that I've found so far are the Needle and Plush You! I'm so inspired by them both and they keep leading me to even more awesome blogs.

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