Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am a ROBOT

It is the pictures.  It is the pictures that slow me down.  I make things like a crazy person.  I sew all the time.  I drive my family crazy because I've got stacks of sewing projects in every room of the house.  I usually bring more merchandise to a show than will fit in my space but my blog and my etsy shop don't reflect that at all and it is all the fault of the pictures.  I don't have a fancy camera and am not a talented photographer.  I have to spend so much time and concentration on taking good pictures.  It is by far the hardest part of selling online.  At least for me anyway.
I was so excited to share the Robots that I said to myself, "screw the great lighting and neutral background", and just took some pictures of them standing on my kitchen table this morning.  Which, by the way, was where I had put them when I finished up last night.  My four year old likes to critique my work and since it is the hubs who gets up with the kids in the mornings, I place finished projects out for her to check out when she gets up. Surprisingly, the pics turned out ok and so here you go.  Robots.

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