Thursday, November 4, 2010

There is a reason to buy handmades

There are many times at shows when people will ooo and ahhh over an apron that I've made and even go as far as to try it on and then completely choke when they ask me the price and I tell them it is $40.00.
I know that forty bucks is higher than the price of aprons that you'll find at Target, Walmart or BB&B, but there are reasons that handmades are worth it.
There are lots of quality products out there are mass-produced, but there is just something different when it is made by hand.  I think my cousin said it best when I overheard her describing all the stuff she ordered off etsy for her son's birthday party.  She said "yeah, I know I may have paid a little more, but I'd rather support a stay at home mom than Party City"

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