Friday, December 3, 2010

3rd and 5th attempt at getting these dolls right

I quickly shot a pic of Sue #3 and Steve #2, so here you go.  They are standing on my couch in my not-so-well-lit living room.  I love the way their hair came out in this round, but not a fan of their bodies.  I used a way too stretchy fleece.  I think maybe fleece will work for future dolls, but just not THIS fleece.  I love the color, (in better light it is like a good summer tan) but it isn't great quality
The most recent version of this design doll (Sue #5, Steve #3) is made from a combo of fabrics.  I kept the fleece for the hair but switched the body to an interfaced muslin.
I'm happy with most parts of these babies but I wish I'd painted their faces slightly higher.  This is the first time I'd painted the faces on a doll before stitching/stuffing.  I will probably not be doing that again. 
If you noticed, I've done all sorts of different things with the faces.  The first one's face I embroidered with my machine.  I don't have an embroidery machine so I just took the presser foot off of my machine and did it like a tattoo.  The second third and fourth drafts had safety eyes and embroidered mouths, oh wait, Sue #4 didn't even have a mouth!  But, this time, because I was using muslin, I figured I'd paint them.
I'm still not telling what I'm gonna do with these two, but now that I've got the pattern down the way I want it, I think I'll stitch up a couple of pairs for my shop and upcoming shows.
That is of course... right after I make them some clothes!  Can't have naked dolls running around all over the place.

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