Saturday, December 11, 2010

a day at Tarte: the Queen of Arts and Tartes Indie Craft Show

Today I had a rare opportunity to actually SHOP at an indie craft show.  Usually I am either vending or just flat out can't make it.  Today I went to Tarte.  I took the kids with me so there was a little bit of kicking and screaming, a few times I had to chase someone and a diaper change break, but for the most part, they were both pretty good.
Eric especially enjoyed the "lounge" at Lori's booth while Lily got her "tattoo" done.   Lori did some henna on me at the Day of the Dead celebration back in October and my daughter really thought it was cool so Lori was sweet and did some art on her arm. 

Lily especially loved the glitter. Lori also does henna art on wood and I'm gonna have to save up and get one of those pieces soon.  Here is where you will find Lori.
I also picked up an awesome, yet useful gift for myself from Felt and Paper...
I've seen Sarah's work at several shows in the past and even in some local shops and I've always admired the quality of her stuff so it didn't take me long to make the decision to snatch up this sweet button pin-cushion bracelet.
By far the cheapest deal I got was this pair of earrings from Just Bead It Girl, they were only a dollar!
And I'm super excited to get an art print too from Migdalia Pace, the one I got is called "Candy Cane"  I don't know the rules about putting up pictures of someone else's art, so you can go to her site to see it there.
And, once it was all over, conveniently, there was a park next door that I could let the kiddos run free for a little while before strapping them back into the car for an hour... again.

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