Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2nd annual South Florida Swap-a-Rama-Rama

I'm so excited for this!
 The 2nd annual South Florida Swap a Rama Rama has been announced for February 26th and it is going to start at 1pm and run until 11!  Evening events are always better, don't ya think?  I had such a great time at last summer's swap a rama rama. (Blog post about it on my other blog)  The only bad part last year was that it was in a crazy hot warehouse.  I'm so happy to find out that it is going to be in a cool month this time.  I'll be volunteering as a sew-er, you can volunteer too!  They will need all kinds of folks, you don't need to have a certain crafty talent either, they need regular folk too.  Go to the facebook page for more information.

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