Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goals for the New Year

January 1 is always so exciting.  It is like a clean slate, totally new and fills me full of optimism.  As I was trying to explain new years to my 4 year old this morning, she said "today doesn't look any different from yesterday" and she has a very good point.  A day is a day is a day.  But, what the calendar changeover does for us is gives us a starting line.  A definitive beginning.
My "resolutions" are goals of things to accomplish throughout the year.  The way I see it, if I stumble at the beginning, it is ok as long as the goal is met within the year.  I've done this for always and am usually pretty good at keeping them. 
2011 New Years Resolutions:
  • finish 50 aprons
  • list at least 1 apron in my etsy shop per week
  • finish 50 softies
  • list at least 1 softie in my etsy shop per week
  • blog at least 1x per week in each blog
  • get dressed in real clothes every day
I know that making 100 items doesn't really sound like much, but keep in mind, I am a full time mom of 2 small kids who don't go to daycare AND I have not one, but TWO part-time jobs outside of the sewing business.  So, producing slightly less than 2 items per week seems like a big goal to me.  The blogging thing is going to be a challenge as well but I'm excited about it.  I really enjoy posting in blogs even if no one ever reads it, I like doing it.  The last is more of a motivational thing.  I know I am more productive if I get dressed but it is very easy when you are a WAHM to end up going from pajamas to workout clothes, back to pajamas.  No more of that.
Because I'm so excited about these goals, I went ahead and counted this week as week 1.  So far, I've finished 2 softies and have the fabric cut for 2 aprons.  I'm sure I'll get the aprons finished tonight or tomorrow so I'll be starting the year out ahead.  Yay!

Happy New Year all....

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