Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm an artist... did you know?

I get the biggest kick out of calling myself an artist.  
For me, the word "artist" brings to mind someone with a canvas and paint.  I know that art isn't just about paint, and I really do consider lots of my work to be 'art' but for some reason, I just get a giggle when I use the word 'artist' in describing myself.  I can't explain it, just do.
Well, I love Bear and Bird Boutique over at Tate's and I got really excited when I realized that twice a year they open their gallery up to any south Florida artist who wants to participate in a group show.  I submitted a stuffed creature to the "Monsters Under My Bed" show last fall (here's my blog post about that one) and decided to participate again.  This time I went out of my comfort zone and actually made something that had no stitches whatsoever.  Canvas, paint, mod podge, wood, plastic and clay.  wow... that sounds like real art doesn't it?
I'm pretty proud of it and would love for you to head over to Bear and Bird to see it along with hundreds of other works from local artists including my fellow Hollywood Craft Mafia sister Christine Klein.
I'll be there on Saturday for the opening, but it runs until February 26th so Be There or Be Square

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