Sunday, January 16, 2011

Odd Duck Bazaar's top secret project

I'm in the Hollywood Craft Mafia and we host a big annual indie craft show called the Odd Duck Bazaar.  This is our second year and we put so much work into this project that it is just completely thrilling when it all comes together.  This was our show flier from last year
Last year we had 62 vendors and over 600 attendees.  This year our vendor count is close to 80!  The big event happens on April 9th this year and we are knee deep in event planning details right now.  This is our flier for this year.
Last year, Alexis Colbert (who created the Odd Duck image for our logo) was inspired to turn her duck into physical art (you can find some photos of her shadow box here) and this year... I'm gonna give it a go.  I haven't told anyone yet, so shhhhhh.  and no, you won't be getting pictures of it, you'll just have to mark your calendars for April 9th and make sure to be at the Old Davie Schoolhouse!

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