Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This Saturday! Retro Indie Market in Boynton Beach

Of course I'm excited for this show! It is the first year ever of this show.  Sometimes I'm hesitant about first year shows, but since it is put on by the ever-so-fabulous creator of Stitch Rock, teamed up with the style and talent of Michelle of the Family Vintage (formerly House of Vintage), I have not a doubt in my mind that this show will rock!  The Palm Beach Post even agrees...check out this sweet write up
My only worries about this show are my usual worries.  Getting my stupidly heavy display from the car to its space and back again without breaking something.  Forgetting something vital.  Not making enough sales to cover my booth fee.  of doing something really embarrassing (this list would be too long to type out... I got a show to prep for people!) Hopefully these are just silly worries, only time will tell.
So, I really need to get off the computer here and get to sewing and packing for the show it is only a few days away and the job thing and the mom thing just don't allow for me to take time off for pre-show prep.
Hoping to see you on Saturday, here is the info

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