Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Crafting ADD"

The other day when I heard yet another crafter describe herself as having "crafting ADD" I started thinking about this more.  I've heard it dozens of times, so many crafty people describe themselves this way.  In a way, transitioning from one craft to another is the very definition of being a crafter.  If you were the kind of person who only worked on one craft, you'd be a craftsman, someone who works to perfect their craft. Craft.... singular.  To me, a crafter is someone who does crafts.  That is, crafts.... plural.
Often times I describe myself as a 'sewer' but then I laugh because, as you can see, it is ok to say it when spoken, but when typed, it just looks like I'm describing myself as the drain thingy under the ground.  I'm not that kind of sewer.  So, I will usually delete and then type in stitcher instead.  Although, according to my computer's spell-checker both crafter and stitcher are not real words.
oh well, fine with me, I don't really take myself seriously enough to need a real word to describe me anyway.

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