Friday, August 26, 2011

Sewing with the Kiddos

 There are so many things that I find rewarding about sewing and creating things, but this one is probably the best.  The times that I'm able to share it with people I love.  Especially the little ones. 
 These silly looking glove bunnies were something I made years ago but just never got around to finishing them.  They had full bodies but no faces or accessories and have been sitting  like that in a basket tucked away on a shelf in my studio for ages.  The other night I got them out and sat down on the couch with my two freshly washed and pajama'd little kids.  I let them pick out the colors they wanted and the buttons they wanted for the eyes.  They giggled and enjoyed snuggling up together while I stitched the necessary faces to bring their baby bunnies to life.  I really enjoyed it too.  So much that I didn't even complain when Lily decided that her bunny needed a flower growing right up the middle of the face. 

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  1. Hey, I posted a comment on this right after you posted and it never showed, weird!
    Anyway, wanted to tell you I think this are adorable! Such a cute idea :) I even like the flower in the face!