Friday, February 1, 2013

Mildred the Monster got Published in Stuffed Magazine

I am having so much trouble coming up with the words to describe how exciting this is for me, but a monster that I made was published in Stuffed Magazine!  I wish I had some eloquent way for describing it, but I don't.  Basically I frightened my children when I checked the mail because I started screaming and racing all over the house because it had an advance copy of the magazine in it.  Getting published in this magazine is was on my '40 things to do before 40' list and it feels so good to cross it off with two and a half years to go.  I have been submitting random creations to them twice a year and it finally paid off.  Although, the One-eyed-one-horned-flying-purple-people-eater that I sent them before I sent them Mildred the Monster still hasn't made it back to me (that is what they do when they aren't interested... they ship your stuff back with a 'sorry' note) so I still have my fingers crossed that he gets published as well.  But, not to get too far ahead of myself, I'm celebrating this victory now!

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