Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekly dress project - Week 5 - Simplicity 1355 Jumper

For week five, I decided to make a jumper instead of a dress because I think these playsuits are fun and I was about to go on a beach weekend vacation.

 In order to challenge myself for this one, I decided to make it using plaid fabric. I have never worked with plaid before, mainly because I was afraid of it. I am always annoyed when I see plaid clothing where the seams don't match up!  Not only did this fabric challenge me because of the pattern, it was a challenge because of the weight of it.  Matching the plaids took forever when I was cutting out the fabric, but once the pieces were all cut out, it was pretty easy.

This project was probably the fastest one that I've completed yet and that is even WITH matching the plaid. I'd imagine that if I made this one using a different fabric, it would only take about 2 hours to complete.
Want me to make you one? email me!
I haven't gotten nice mannequin pictures yet, but didn't want to hold off on posting this because of it. So, I'll just share the pictures I took of myself when I tried it on. Please don't mind the silly hair do(n't).

I decided not to keep it and I didn't take it with me on my vacation because I really wasn't comfortable with that much back showing. I had planned to wear it over a swim suit, so I didn't think it would matter, but once I had it on, I felt really self-conscious. There is nothing wrong with showing one's back, it is just a silly quirk I have because my tattoos aren't finished yet, oh well...
In the future, I may do this pattern again but recreate it to not be open at the back.
I'll be putting it up in the shop once I get some nice mannequin/good lighting pictures. I'll update when I do.

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  1. Such a cute jumpsuit! I have that pattern too.