Monday, November 3, 2014

Sugar Skull Penelope Dolls

Although I've been concentrating most of my time on clothing (and costume) construction, I still make dolls and monkeys. I'd been so busy with Halloween and prepping for the Day of the Dead that I haven't had much time to share everything that I've been working on. Well, the Day of the Dead was a huge success and just about everything that I put out on my display quickly disappeared. The day started off really bad. I got lost trying to get to the unloading spot, smashed my finger so bad trying to move the barricade that my nail is totally black, had grease spill all over one of my dresses and all down the front of me and then some other vendor screamed at me for the parking mess that was going on outside the venue at load-in.  But, once I got unloaded and took a deep breath, everything turned out great. There were so many shoppers and everyone was so kind.
I only have four Sugar Skull Penelope dolls left!

***** updated *****
none left sold them all :)

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