Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekly Dress Project Update

Things got a little hectic back in October due to Halloween costume constructing, my volunteer commitments at the elementary school, prep for the Day of the Dead and show planning for our upcoming Holiday Market so I've been feeling like I'm pulled in every direction. Things have slowed back down now and I'm getting caught up on everything that I've been putting off (like dusting!).
I have kept up with my weekly dress making, so here we go (excuse some of the not-so-professional pictures...yes, I've been that busy).
Week 12 'Walkaway Dress' made from a vintage reproduction pattern
Available for sale if you are interested.

Week 13 Pin Striped Dress (kept this one for myself. Love it. And it's got pockets! I love pockets in dresses.)

Week 14 Brown Taffeta shift dress
This dress above doesn't look like this anymore. This picture was taken after the dress was complete but before I appliqued flowers and Sugar Skulls to it for the Day of the Dead. It is available, I'll update when I get it re-photographed and listed online.

Week 15 Sally Dress. My client wanted a dress like Sally in a Nightmare Before Christmas but she wanted it in this mix of colors instead of the colors that Sally had. We also pieced two different dress patterns together because she liked the top section of one dress but the waist and skirt of another.

Week 16 Anna Coronation Day Dress

Week 17 Snow White Dress (my costume)

Week 18 Elsa Coronation Day Dress
I made two of these.... here is a customer picture of one of them (I made the sparkly Elsa too, that was Week 11) I'm pretty sure they liked them.

Week 19 Elsa Sexy Cosplay Outfit (available)

Week 20 Candy Corn Dress (kept it for myself but will probably list it on eBay next fall)

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