Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wonder Woman Spoonflower fabric order

I ordered this fabric in Performance Piqué. I am so excited at the result. I'm nervous to cut it because I'm still a novice at working with stretch fabrics but the way this fabric feels will be worth the extra stress. It is so smooth! This design came our very vivid and true to the image that you see on the computer screen. I love the way the fabric picks up the light and shadows too. That is an unexpected bonus. And, it comes in a 60" width!

I ordered this fabric one in basic combed cotton. The blue is lighter than it appears on the computer but this is the shade that I wanted so I'm happy with this purchase too.

I'm gonna have to wait before cutting into either of these though. I've got customers who have claimed the next 3 weekly dresses and this fabric is for ME!

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